How to Legally Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors

How To Legally Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors

There’s nothing quite as annoying as noisy neighbors.

Waking up in the middle of the night to ominous banging, music, shouting, and general chaos to your neighbors on either side of your apartment sucks, but when it’s somehow worse when it’s the upstairs neighbors.

Seriously, do these people walk around wearing bricks for shoes? If you’re gonna play music at the top of the speaker’s range, you might as well make it decent music.

Regardless of whatever you do during the day or night – whether you’re a nurse coming back from a night shift or if you work in a busy restaurant – your home is meant to be a quiet and peaceful place.

The last thing you want is to aggravate your neighbors even further by complaining.

You might be struggling to nap, sleep, or just exist peacefully due to the constant noise emitting from upstairs.

You might find your upstairs neighbors are disrespectful and rude, and it takes everything in you to not slap them.

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We’ve got you covered – we have the 10 best ways to legally annoy your upstairs neighbors. These tricks and tips won’t get you in trouble and might solve the tricky situation.

Speak to your neighbor

Before you try any of our other tricks, you should try to speak to your neighbor first. It seems pretty obvious, but you never know – a gentle chat might be all you need.

It doesn’t have to be an aggressive argument. Just knock on their door, explain that you’re trying to nap or relax, and you’d appreciate some silence.

Whilst lying isn’t exactly the best thing for people to do, you can always make up a little white lie. Perhaps you struggle with sleep at night, or you have a cat who is terrifying by the constant stomping.

How to Legally Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbors

If your upstairs neighbors are a couple, why not try asking if everything is alright? Not only could this conversation stop the arguing, but you could be providing a lot of help for someone who is struggling.

Whatever you say to your neighbor, make sure to talk to them politely. You won’t be the one responsible for starting a potential argument if they respond with anger.

Hopefully, they will remember your kindness and feel a bit more guilty and conscious of their actions!

Talk to the neighbor above them

Okay – so you’ve tried talking to them and they’re still causing a racket. The stomping/arguing/music-playing has not decreased.

You’re beginning to wonder if it’s your problem and not theirs.

For your peace of mind, try talking to the neighbor above them (if there is a neighbor above them). They might find that they struggle with the flat below them because of their noise levels.

Together, you could figure out a plan of action. Safety in numbers, and all. Your new friends can become allies as you precariously (yet bravely) knock on your neighbor’s door once again.

The only way this could backfire is if the neighbor above your neighbor doesn’t notice any noise. If anything, they could be the source of the problem.

What if your upstairs neighbor is making so much noise to annoy their upstairs neighbor? It’s an endless cycle of stomping.

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