Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise: The 7 Additives for Noisy Lifters You Need to Know About

Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise: The 7 Additives For Noisy Lifters You Need To Know About

There is nothing worse than driving down the highway and hearing a roaring sound. You can see other drivers staring, even the concerned looks on their faces, and you realize the noise is your engine.  

Often we shrug our shoulders at the odd noise and turn our music up, hoping the problem goes away or is nothing expensive. But the truth is, we should be paying attention to our engines and noisy lifters in particular. 

Not only are noisy engines annoying, but they can also suggest there is something wrong under your hood.

It can also lead to accidents, as it can be distracting. And as we know, anything that can distract the driver can be dangerous! That’s the last thing you want, an accident to ruin your road trip or potentially change your life.

So what can we do about noisy lifters?  Well, we can use an additive that works to quiet your engine and provide a smoother ride for you and your passengers.

And luckily for you, we have scoured the internet and found the six best on the market! 

After today you can say goodbye to your loud engine and enjoy a quiet ride and see enhanced engine performance! Let’s get into it!

In a rush? Then read no more and grab today’s winner and the best additive to quiet your engine! That’s right; it’s the  Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive for you!

Want to know more? We thought so; it’s why we reviewed it!


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The 16oz bottle is suitable for all vehicles and works for all vehicles. It’s ideal for diesel and gasoline engines, making it the perfect choice for anyone with multiple cars! 

Archoil’s additive will not only help with your engine, but hydraulics, gearboxes, poor steering systems, and differentials! Perfect for those that want to improve their engine’s performance as well as its noise!

The additive is extremely reliable and can help reduce any issues when starting your engine in colder weather!

It can also help for those larger engines that have trouble misfiring in cold weather. The additive will warm the engine up, thus eliminating the cold start issues!

What’s great about the additive is that it forms a lubricating film that will enhance its ability to bear pressure! The result? Your engine will be more durable and reduce carbon deposits for a smooth and enhanced performance!

It’s not the cheapest option, but the fantastic benefits and the built-in carry handle make this oil additive a brilliant choice today!

Got some more time? Why not browse our five other excellent additives that will help reduce your engine's noise!


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A far more affordable option is Liqui Moly’s lifter additive! Experiencing tapping noises caused by hydraulics? Let the Liqui Moly 2004 transform your car!

The 300ml bottle can be used with both diesel and gasoline engines to help lubricate the engine and clean oil passages as it goes for a smoother engine!

The hydraulic lifter additive is fantastic for valve bores and cleans them into shape; if your engine needs a good clean to perform better, this could be the additive for you! 

Liqui Moly’s additive is formulated to lubricate your engine’s ducts and circuits.

Worried about your car? There is no need to be! The additive is safe to use and has no adverse effects! You can use it with ease and see your engine’s wear and tear reduce! 

While the additive is fantastic, the bottle is on the small side. It takes the whole bottle for a 1.6L of engine oil.

Those with larger engines might need several bottles to see an improvement, ramping the cost up! 

It’s worth considering this before making your purchase. If your smaller engine is struggling with loud hydraulics, we bet Liqui Moly is the solution!


[amazon fields=”B002T5ZGUS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

zMax’s engine formula has some funky packaging but works hard to transform your engine into a smooth and silent one! zMax’s formula is used by professionals and dealerships, too, so you can put your faith in the bottle and know you will have results! 

The formula is packed full of micro-lubricants that work to not only remove floating rust in your engine but also remove any layered rust on the engine itself!

Not only that, but the formula will lubricate the engine to reduce friction. The reduction in friction will reduce wear and tear, increasing your engine's life for a long and happy running car! 

You get a 12ox bottle that can cover seven quarts of oil, which is more than enough for smaller engines!

However, if you have a larger engine, you will need to add 2 ounces of additive per extra quart; you may need a pen and paper if, like us, numbers aren’t your strong suit! 

The bottle is reasonably priced, though, so you won’t feel too bad if you need extra!

What’s more, you can purchase an additive that will work through your fuel, too, improving your miles per gallon usage!


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For those looking to save some money, Red Line’s additive is an affordable option that is sure to leave you with some change in your pocket!

Not only does the oil reduce your engine’s noise, but it's packed full of zinc and phosphorus to improve your engine’s performance. 

There are also antiwear components included in this additive care for the valve train and the entire engine! What does that mean?

It means your engine will be quieter when it starts up and during long drives. It also works to maintain lower temperatures to avoid any overheating, reducing the risk of engine fires. 

Just like the other oil additives, you can expect every part of your engine to be cleaned! Perfect for those sludgy engines that require a revamp! 

Be sure to check on the label or product description that Red Line’s additive is suitable for your engine as there are some exceptions compared to other additives on the market that are universal. 

What’s great about this oil is that one 16oz bottle can treat  12 quarts, making it fantastic value for money.

For those with larger engines or multiple vehicles, you can buy larger bundle packs that provide even more bang for your buck!


[amazon fields=”B0093XZDS4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

BestLine’s engine treatment comes packed with nano-diamond technology that works for all cars at a reasonable price, whether they are gasoline or diesel!

The additive works to protect your engine, increasing its life by up to 80%! How amazing is that?

The synthetic oil will lubricate your engine to protect it and is created with longer drain intervals in mind! Perfect for anyone seeking a longer-lasting additive!

BestLine’s additive treats the engine, reducing the chances of low speed, pre-ignition, and friction!

It also helps to improve fuel mileage and protects your engine from wear and tear, exactly what you need before you head off on a long journey!

The additive pride itself on being universally compatible; whether you have a new or old car, the oil will work with your vehicle! Why not give it a go and listen as your engine gets quieter and smoother!

BestLine’s additive features Diamond Nano-Lube that creates an extra layer of protection.

These nanoparticles work to prevent wear and tear and lubricate your engine parts to remove smog emissions. 

BestLine claims their additive reduces smog by as much as 70%! You can expect a reduction of anywhere between 60-75%, perfect for those looking to reduce their emissions. 

Why not give it a go today? You can expect to see improved fuel economy and a lubricated engine that performs like never before! Go on and treat your engine today!


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Bringing up the end of our list today is a real splurge, TriboTEX’s oil additive! It’s designed to transform high-mileage cars to seem as new!

Whether it’s a small car, truck, tractor, or diesel engine, it is sure to work for you!

Although it’s small, its power is mighty! You are guaranteed to have a quieter engine than before!

It’s funded by NASA and the US Department of Energy so that you can put your faith in it and its reliability.

The formula is packed full of nanoparticles that will clean the engine, removing any oil deposits and debris to leave you with a smoother and trouble-free engine!

While doing this reduces the amount of wear and tears on your machine, it also works to reverse any existing damage! It sounds like a miracle worker, doesn’t it?

TriboTEX’s additive forms a diamond coating around the bearing to create a protective barrier that will secure your engine’s components from wear and tear.

There is also a ceramic protective coating that protects your engine from friction and noise. Is there anything this additive can’t do?

While the additive is expensive, if you have the budget, you are sure to see some fantastic results!

Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise Buying Guide

Not too sure what to look for when it comes to your Additive to Quiet Engine noise? Let our handy buyer’s guide show you the way!

Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise: The 7 Additives for Noisy Lifters You Need to  Know About


When it comes to oil additives, our general rule is the thicker, the better! However, it isn’t always the case. The viscosity will depend on the openings inside the car engine.

If you have narrow openings or tubes, then a thinner additive will be a better option, whereas wider openings will suit a thicker oil. 

It’s worth noting that most additives shouldn’t change the engine oil’s thickness and be suitable for your engine.

However, if you aren’t convinced, you can check with the manufacturer for confirmation!

What’s in it?

When it comes to buying your Additive, you will need to check the ingredients to ensure it’s the best one for your car. Additives all have different ingredients and affect the engine differently. 

Zinc, for example, is an ingredient that will boost your engine’s performance. Zinc is an additive that keeps your engine quiet and improves performance, making it a perfect choice for some users!

Phosphorous is another ingredient that keeps your engine quiet and reduces the wear and tear of your machine. You find phosphorus in most engine additives, and it is a welcome addition for most customers!

Mile Per Gallon Increase

A good additive should lubricate your engine and reduce any friction so that your car runs smoothly.

It’s also worth looking for an additive that boosts your engine’s performance and increases your miles per gallon. 

Increasing this can aid your car’s performance and even save you some money as you won’t need to fill up as often!

It’s worth having some caution here, though. Some companies will advertise their products as being approved or endorsed by the EPA.

As a general rule, the EPA doesn’t support, approve, or certify additives! These are likely to be scams and are best to avoid d where possible. 

Final thoughts

And like that, we have reached the end of our additive journey together! All the additives listed today are the best on the market for reducing your engine noise.

They even go the extra mile and improve your engine’s performance and reduce wear and tear! What more can you ask for?

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide for areas to consider when buying your additive, and you are sure to have a quieter engine that will perform better!

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