Loudbasstard Hybrid Speaker - 2016 SPOT Design Winner Hong Kong


Designed for 2; for Me & You.


Find your sweet spot

Simply position your phone or music device' speaker on the blue sensor and the sound will amplify.

The speakers use the principal of electromagnetic induction; current is passed through a wire coil and creates a magnetic field, which can move a permanent magnet. It’s like taking two bar magnets and they’ll either mutually attract or repel each other. In speakers the magnet pushes and pulls on the speaker cone and that then creates sound.

This makes it ridiculously easy to get the sound from your portable device into the induction speaker. There’s no Bluetooth (or Wifi) pairing and there’s no cables. The speaker has an internal battery which is charged via a Mini USB port.


The Passive Amplifier feature works much like the world-renowned Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier, this time using the natural vibrations of wood paired with carefully designed sound channels to make your music louder, richer and more enjoyable with no electricity involved.


9V Rechargeable Battery 9V Battery Clip Micro USB Charging Port


8 Ohm Speakers


Auxiliary (Stereo Jack / Audio Socket) Mini USB Charger


For daily care, simply wipe clean using a soft , dry cloth. To protect the finish, avoid the use of abrasive chemicals, harsh cleaners and rough cleaning pads and polishes. To remove lodged debris, we recommend using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

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