Top 9 quiet drum sets for apartment practice and unplugged performance

9 Dynamically Versatile Drum Sets For Quiet Practice And Unplugged Jams

Arguably the most antisocial of all the instruments, a drum set can really stress the relationship between neighbors, especially if they live above or beneath your practice space.

Not to worry though, skin smasher. You don’t have to retire your sticks just yet.

We’ve done the research and discovered the 9 best drum sets that bring a bit of much-needed subtlety to the equation.

These are without a doubt the quietest drums on the market. Are you ready to rock?...(Said in whispered voice).

Every second we spend waffling could be spent working on your blast beats on a brand-new drum set, so let’s get straight to it.


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This Go Anywhere drum set screams simplicity but plays whisper-quiet.

An electric kit, you can either listen to your beats through headphones or pair it with an amplifier or monitor, giving you full control over volume.

Arriving as a 5-piece set - cymbal, tom, floor tom, snare, and kick drum - it has all the rudiments for refining your technique without waking someone 5 blocks away from their nap.

The pads are a little hard, but they’re highly responsive, have a great rebound, and sound awesome.

A total breeze to set up, this is the perfect kit for those who need to travel to their bandmate’s practice space to jam.


  • Price - Excellent value for money.
  • Portable - They’re called ‘Go Anywhere’ for a reason.
  • Quiet - Set your own volume.
  • Sound Quality - Epic drum samples.


  • No Kick Pedal - You’ll have to buy one separately.
  • No Hi-Hat - You’ll need to source a hi-hat pad.


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If you’re after something a little more advanced, so you can unleash your inner John Bonham, the Nitro Kit is the way to go.

Featuring 8 pieces ranging from a dual-zone snare to a choke-function crash cymbal, it allows you to tear out your most adventurous drum solos in relative silence.

Each of the drum heads is constructed out of a mesh material as opposed to rubber, giving them a highly natural, skin-style feel, but they don’t just feel legit, each default sample sounds incredibly real too.

Fitted with a control module that lets you choose from 40 different sounding kits and a ton of classic playalongs, the Nitro is more than meets the eye, but despite the depth of this electronic instrument, the price remains significantly lower than similar drum sets on the market.


  • Mesh Heads - Feel like real drums.
  • Module - Choose from over 350 drum samples.
  • Articulate Pads - Choke the crash or vary the snare hit.
  • Eight Pieces - No compromises.


  • Cymbal Strength - They don’t seem all that durable.


[amazon fields=”B07D1DTP19″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If money is no object, we highly recommend choosing something from giants of the industry, Roland, namely the TD-17KVX.

This 9-piece drum set is every bit as articulate as a standard kit, yet it can be played in total silence.

The hi-hat features realistic movement and open/closed detection, allowing you to work on hi-hat control, switching from choked metronome to full cartoon-character-falling-down-the-stairs sounds and everything in between.

Most impressively, the sound library module lets you customize each individual sample, allowing you to become the architect of your own signature drum sound.


  • Nine-Piece - You may need to grow an arm or two.
  • Realistic Functions - You can close or open hi-hat.
  • High-Pressure Sensitivity - Allows you to practice dynamics.
  • Drum Library - Customize your sound.


  • Price - Premium price for a premium product.


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Craving the warmth of the Roland sound but without the hefty price tag?

The TD-1DMK is one of the most popular quiet-enabled drum sets you can buy, and of course, all the expertly produced samples are chock-full of character.

An 8-piece setup, each drum head is crafted with a tension adjustable dual-ply mesh, so you can fine-tune the feel of every strike.

The layering also improves durability, so you can go full Zach Hill when the feeling takes you, and you won’t have to worry about breaking a head.

The sound library is stocked with 15 kit presets, so you’re essentially getting 15 drum kits for the price of one.

What’s more, it has a record function, so you can playback your session and assess your performance.


  • Tension Adjustable Mesh - Tighten or slacken the mesh for a custom experience.
  • Eight-Piece - Full kit for full expression.
  • Sound Library - Choose from 15 amazing sounding kits.
  • Record Function - Hear your playing.


  • Price - Still quite expensive.


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If you don’t like leaving your drum set behind when you leave your home, then don’t!

Tuck this portable Pyle drum set under your arm and hit the road. It may only weigh 7.28lbs and measure 23.5 x 16”, but it’s a high-performance, 7-piece drum set full of epic studio-grade drum samples.

The pads have a pretty decent rebound and sensitivity, but it’s the digital LCD panel that really steals the show.

Featuring a ton of audio configurations and a recording function, it draws out your wild side and rewards creativity.


  • Portability - No logistical nightmares here, folks.
  • Sound Quality - Insane sounds for a desktop kit.
  • Digital Module - Gives you access to a wealth of audio options.


  • Pads - The pads are quite hard.


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Is that a whispered conversation, the rustling of leaves outside perhaps? Nope, it’s your prodigious child wailing on the CK4.

Where a traditional electric drum set may be too big or complex for your little one, this set keeps everything well within reach and comprehension.

While it’s not strictly designed for kids exclusively, the extremely fun ‘Coach Mode’ is full of easy-to-follow instructional features that will turn any little drummer into a monster of the sticks in no time at all.


  • 4-Piece - Simple setup for kids to learn on.
  • Educational Features - Fast tracks progress.
  • Price - Won’t break the bank.
  • Portable - Take it to school or friend’s houses.


  • Not for Heavy Use - Not the most durable set.


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It may look like a glam rock nightmare, but kids absolutely love the faux metal aesthetic of the Pro drum set.

Loaded with realistic drum samples and seven pads for a full kit experience, the little drummer in your life has everything they need to grow as a musician while leaving your eardrums well alone.


  • Portable - Take it anywhere.
  • 7-Piece - Full kit experience.
  • Record Function - Allows a kid to hear their progress.


  • Aesthetics - It’s not exactly neutral.
  • Price - Quite expensive for a kid’s set.


[amazon fields=”B085MW7FSX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This QoQoba kit is designed specifically for the young guns of the drumming world. Featuring a colorful pad array, it’s an inviting prospect for any musically inclined child.

Suitable for kids upward of three years old, it’s a roll-up design perfect for homes already bustling with toys, and it even comes with headphones, so you can kick back and relax while your little one thrashes out some sick beats.


  • Colorful - Very inviting for kids.
  • Headphones Included - No headaches for you.
  • Storage Friendly - Rolls up neatly.


  • Weak Kick Pedal - Can break after a while.


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Similar to our penultimate pick, this Paxcess design brings a slightly different 7-piece pad layout to the table, but it still has that most prized appointment...a headphone jack.

This one doesn’t arrive with headphones, but once you buy some separately, your kid is free to make all the noise they want playing along to the 8 integrated demo songs and 3 practice rhythms.


  • Storage-Friendly - Rolls up.
  • Built-In Speaker - No monitor required.
  • Battery Life - 10 Hours of non-stop beats.


  • Sound Quality - Minor distortion at high and low frequencies.

Best Quiet Drum Sets Buying Guide

Before you decide which quiet drum set is right for you, you should mull over these key factors.

Top 9 quiet drum sets for apartment practice and unplugged performance

Electric vs Acoustic

Whether you prefer them or not, for quiet performance, you need an electronic kit.

They have full volume control and offer a vast sample library, so you can tweak your sound.


Though your upstairs neighbors will benefit from an electric drum set, the vibrations will still travel through to your downstairs neighbors, so you may have to elevate or cushion your practice area.


While not always necessary, a portable drum set is a handy thing to own. Where do you like to play the drums, at home, or do you prefer to travel and play elsewhere?

If you subscribe to the latter, you’ll need a small, simple, lightweight drum set.


How many pieces a drum set should have depends on your ability and what sounds you want to be able to make.

Four is the minimum amount of pads you’ll need to make traditional syncopated beats. Seven, eight, or more allows you to branch out and experiment.

Drum Heads

Drum heads are faux skins. Usually made of rubber or mesh, they determine how the set feels to play. Rubber is perfectly fine, but mesh offers the more true-to-life drumming experience.

Pressure Sensitive

Drums with pressure sensors allow you to play in a dynamic style, but not all sensors are made equal. Some will be very responsive, while others will be rather simplistic.

Sound Quality

What’s a drum set if it doesn’t sound good? You should be on the lookout for something with a wide frequency response and a rich sound profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Play Acoustic Drums Quietly?

You can buy specialist low-volume cymbals, pad the kick drum, fit mesh drum heads, use brushes instead of sticks, or use practice pads to dampen your acoustic drum set.

Why Are Drums So Loud?

Acoustic drums are loud because they’re designed to provide the pulse to which all other music adheres. If musicians couldn’t hear the beat, no one would be in time.

How Loud is an Electric Drum Set?

Electric drum sets have volume control, so they can be as loud or quiet as you need them to be. That said, the physical sound of sticks hitting the pads can be quite loud.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from us, folks. Was there anything on our list that caught your attention?

With one of these drum sets, you’ll always be in full control of your playing volume, and your neighbors and guitarist will love you for it.

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